You’re safe with us!

Our COVID-19 Response

Everyone has been affected by the pandemic.  Your safety is very important to us.  We’ve instituted some processes in an effort to protect our participants. 

We have adopted some CDC recommendations in our handling processes.

  • All kits are disinfected with isopropyl alcohol, an EPA registered disinfectant, as recommended by CDC.
  • Foam packing is disinfected in the same manner.
  • Hard surfaces are wiped down prior to storage.
  • New gloves are used to pack each shipment.
  • We use only new shipping containers or boxes.
  • The participant portal will also be virus free.

Our process is set up to allow you to perform your COVID-19 procedures and still have enough time to perform the measurements without being hurried.

We also realize that the pandemic has impacted your revenue.  We have set prices to help.    Check the tests that are available and reserve your spot today.